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Singing Classes with John Norton

John Norton is a professional singing coach and singer and wishes to inspire individuals to open their own singing voice, stimulate their resources and allow their singing voice to release and flourish over time:


„We all possess a voice and by extension our singing voice is an extension of our speaking voice. Singing is a full body experience that engages all the known areas of our mind, body, spirit, energies and emotions.

These sessions unlock and develop your own abilities to know yourself better, know what your voice can do, understand better the sensations around singing and better understand how your body supports and works with your voice sustainably. Singing has been known to help address depression, motivation, wellbeing, concentration, stamina, and mental resilience to name a few.

Additionally, you take away some valuable tools, exercises and expertise that can be used anywhere whether you are at home, on holiday, in a choir or together in groups.

Wishing you inspiration, fun and good healthy voices!“

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, John learnt piano & classical dance at a young age and started training & developing his singing voice to overcome a serious illness. He undertook voice studies at the South African College of Music & the University of Stellenbosch with Prof. Du Toit. Further voice studies were completed with the tenor George Kok and the American baritone Wayne Long at Cape Town Opera. John also undertook postgraduate studies at the Royal Northern College of Music, UK and masterclasses with Carla Pohl, Anthony Roden and Mark Oswald, formerly of the Metropolitan Opera New York. John has performed in Luxembourg, Germany, France, Portugal, UK and South Africa in more than 200 different professional performances of musicals, symphonic pops concerts, opera, operettas, recitals and sacred music.



29/10, 12/11, 19/11, 26/11, 10/12/2022 | 14.00-15.30

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200 € 5 sessions

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