Release the Poem inside You

Poetry Workshop for Adults

Ali Seegar, author and poet, offers a workshop for adults who would like to get started on how to write a poem:

"Perhaps there is a poem burning inside you waiting to be released?

Writing poetry can seem a daunting process and yet to many people it is considered the truest of art forms with its ability to touch the essence of the world around us and within us.

People write poetry to express their emotions, their observations, their interactions with life; even the simplest poem can have a profound effect on those it reaches.

During this interactive workshop, Ali Seegar seeks to open your minds and help you discover the poet inside. Using a mixture of different styles, we will first explore the world of poetry together and ask what makes a good poem? It will then be your turn to reach inside your own mind by working through a specific exercise that will be fully guided by Ali. The exercise has been chosen to help you look for poetry even in the most unusual places and to show you how to construct your own poem using this method. At the end of the exercise participants can share their work if they wish.

This workshop aims to be a mixture of lively exchange and quiet reflection. Do bring along your favourite poem, if you would like, and tell us why you love it."

Author and poet, Ali Seegar published her first children’s book ‘Tommy Turner’s TremendousTravels’ in 2016, which was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards; a second book in the series followed in 2019. She holds regular workshops in English-speaking schools around Luxembourg and is a member of The Society of Authors.

Ali studied Creative Writing at the University of Oxford, graduating with distinction, and is currently working with Curtis Brown Creative agency on a new Young Adult series. In 2022, she won the London Independent Story Prize with her short story ‘Nothing Happens Until Something Moves’. Her work has published in various English language poetry and literary magazines.


12/11/2022 | 10.00-12.30

End of Registration:
40 €

ErwuesseBildung, 5 av Marie-Thérèse, Luxembourg

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